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Friday, September 19, 2008

Vast Bailout by U.S. Proposed in Bid to Stem Financial Crisis - NY Times
SEC bans short-selling of 799 financial stocks - AP
Fed to Help Meet Fund Redemptions, Buy Agency Debt - Bloomberg
Citigroup considering bid for WaMu: report - Reuters
Citigroup metals analysts ask why gold is not already at $2,000/oz - Mineweb
China to purchase stocks, 'backstop' market - MarketWatch
Peering Over the Cliff, Saying 'I Told You So' - Washington Post

Analysis: U.S. bends the rules of free markets - USA Today
Stocks head for rally on word of gov't rescue plan - AP
Oil Gains a Third Day as Bank-Bailout Plan Boosts Stock Market - Bloomberg
Comex Raises Margin Rates on Gold Contracts by 47%, Silver 20% - Bloomberg
Dollar Ready for Second Wind When Dust Clears - Bloomberg
The worst is yet to come - MarketWatch

Samurai Rules as U.S. Economy Follows Japan's - Bloomberg
Lies, damned lies and overly optimistic statistics - Globe & Mail
Leading indicators fall 0.5% in August - MarketWatch

Bay Area home sales near bottom again, median price plunges - DataQuick
Dramatic Drop in home values will crimp some retirement plans - MarketWatch
U.S. mortgage rates slide some more - MarketWatch

Backlash Against Bailouts Grows on Capitol Hill, Wall Street - Bloomberg
Treasury to guarantee money market funds - MarketWatch
Federal Reserve needs to rediscover power to shock and awe to ease crisis - Telegraph
Paulson's Line in the Sand Washed Away by Tides - Bloomberg
Uncle Sam taps piggy bank, borrows to aid market - AP

Central Banks Add $71 Billion to Ease Credit Squeeze - Bloomberg
FTSE 100 surges most in history as banking shares race higher - Telegraph UK
Russia, China Lead Biggest Emerging Market Surge in Two Decades - Bloomberg
Taiwan Sees Right Conditions to Support Stock Market - Bloomberg
Russian stock exchanges suspended - BBC
Japan Says Economy `Weakening,' Keeps View Unchanged - Bloomberg

World's oldest man celebrates 113th birthday in Japan - AP
Gallery: The Fury of Hurricane Ike - LiveScience

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