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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here's an audio clip from my interview on the Korelin Economics Report taped in Las Vegas last week at the Hard Assets Investment Conference.

The show is hosted by the very likable Al Korelin and the other guests for this segment were Jon Nadler of bullion dealer Kitco and Danielle Park of Venable Park Investment Council.

Any critique - good or bad - would be appreciated as I'm somewhat new at this.


JD said...

nice job tim

Anonymous said...

You were on with Park and Nadler? Beauty and the beast!

Anonymous said...

you did just fine. But for a minute I thought it was CNBC or FoxBusiness with the rah rah stuff and the childish argument that "they're doing it too!"

Also, the idea that you can't make "money" on gold unless you think all your other assets will become worthless is just incorrect. If all one's other assets include things like oil, ag commodities, even eventually RE, and currencies collapse gold could skyrocket as people flee paper assets for it, while your other holdings would do pretty good as well.

You could also do well in the short/medium term on gold even if there isn't a total collapse. Who says gold always retains a constant ratio of real value with paper currencies? Gold was $1000 a few months ago, then what, $780? Obviously prices for everything one buys didn't drop 22% during that time. So there is money to be made there just like every other asset class. BY GETTING THERE FIRST! (and knowing when to get out)

The guy who bought overstocked generators in Texas a few months ago probably made some money selling them recently. That doesn't mean when things return to normal they won't go back down in price. But there IS money to be made. The fact that there isn't much else going to make a lot of money in the meantime makes it all the more attractive.

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