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Nouriel Roubini on Bloomberg

Friday, September 12, 2008

Over at Bloomberg, this video clip of Nouriel Roubini sharing his outlook on the housing market and economy appears near a clip featuring Jeremy Siegel ("Stocks for the Long Run") who sees a bottom in equity markets and thinks it's time to load up.

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Some highlights from Nouriel:
  • The recession (already underway) will last eighteen months
  • The financial crisis will be with us for two or three years
  • Two or three hundred banks will go bankrupt
  • Home prices will fall a total of 40 percent through 2009
The summary from Bloomberg:
00:00 Outlook for financial markets, economy
02:26 "Serious weaknesses" in financial system
03:31 "Many have to be blamed" for woes; regulation
04:25 Impact of financial turmoil on economy
05:49 Timing of recovery, financial crisis outlook
06:26 Outlook for global economy

Running time 07:11
Everyone have a nice weekend...

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matt said...

Jeremy Siegel is your typical Wall Street shill, like Ben Stein.

Seriously, do these guys even listen to themselves? They sound like the NAR during the housing boom--"Houses always go up." Except when they don't.

CityUnslicker said...

I wonder if he is calling the bottom with his own money by putting it into stocks.

Could we start mutual linking between our blogs. I have added you to my blogroll

Tim said...

You've been blogrolled.

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