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Rick Santelli is making sense

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This was up at Barry's Big Picture blog earlier today. It is well worth four minutes of anyone's time to better understand the current market environment.

The money quote by Santelli, directed toward CNBC's "Senior Economics Reporter" Steve Liesman appears about three minutes in, "The reality of making money is different than what you write in a textbook".

This is an all too common problem for economists and those pretending to be economists (i.e., the important differences between the real world and textbooks/models), which inadvertently begs the question, "Could there be anything worse than pretending to be an economist?"

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fish said...

Pretending to be an engineer.

(Thats directed at me, not you.)

Anonymous said...

Pretending to be an artist.

jesse said...

CNBC's link is here. I think the youtube one was pulled.

Tim said...

Thanks for the link. The YouTube version still works for me, but I'll switch it out if it goes down.

Prime Rate said...

The management @ CNBC need to put Santelli on more often, or give him his own show.

Christian said...

I really cannot stand Steve Liesman. I value his opinion and analysis of economic issues up there with my dog and Paris Hilton.

Sorry to be rude, but he really brings it upon himself.

Joe said...

More on giving Rick Santelli his own show:

(from Don Harrold)


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