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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Barclays mulls Lehman bid, Paulson begs banks to deliver a rescue - Telegraph
Wall St. Goliath Teeters Amid Fear of Wider Crisis - NY Times
Where's The Ref? - Ritholtz, Forbes
Lehman Races Clock; Crisis Spreads - Wall Street Journal
Wall Street privatises US government: be very afraid - Telegraph

Govts' moves can't halt commodity rally: Rogers - Business Standard
Far from Ike's path, an aftershock is felt: $5 gas - AP
John Embry: "When the gold's all gone, the market will go nuts" - The Gold Report
Gas Prices Rise as Industry Assesses Storm Damage - NY Times

Prices Probably Decrease as Growth Slows: U.S. Economy Preview - Bloomberg
Economy to Entrepreneurs: Turn Back - NY Times
Ate a Whole Pint? Check Again - NY Times

Housing: Are We Near the Bottom? - Mauldin, Safehaven
How Washington Failed to Rein In Fannie, Freddie - Washington Post
Alt-A Mortgages Next Risk for Housing Market as Defaults Surge - Bloomberg

Regulators set to review Fannie, Freddie exit pay - Reuters
Too Few Regulations? No, Just Ineffective Ones - NY Times
Fed futures increase bets on rate cut in coming months - MarketWatch
Greenspan Says McCain Tax Plan Needs Corresponding Budget Cuts - Bloomberg

China May Loosen Lending Restrictions After Inflation Slows - Bloomberg
Italy scrambles to save bankrupt airline Alitalia - AP
Asia Stocks Fall for Second Week, Led by Commodities Producers - Bloomberg
China inspects dairy regions after tainted milk - AP

WiFi Bathtubs and Other Stuff of Dreams - Washington Post
Case of the $5K designer umbrella ruled frivolity - AP

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