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Sunday, September 21, 2008

$700 Billion Is Sought for Wall Street in Vast Bailout - NY Times
Cultural and Structural Shifts Rise Out of Risk-Taking Titans' Hard Fall - Washington Post
The Wall Street Bailout Plan, Explained - NY Times
Why Paulson is Wrong - iTulip
'Short sellers' may be just an easy target - LA Times
Congressional Leaders Stunned by Warnings - NY Times

Gold Bull Sees Huge Run For Gold - Hard Assets Investor
Washington Readies Sea Change for Wall Street - Washington Post
Stocks brighten, but what about the credit crisis? - MarketWatch
'Panic effect could push Gold to $4,000 or $5,000' - Commodity Online

Home Sales, Durables Orders Probably Fell: U.S. Economy Preview - Bloomberg
Campaigns Beef Up Economic Teams in Face of Crisis - Washington Post
California unemployment rate soars to 7.7% in August - LA Times
'Tent cities' of homeless on the rise across the US - Telegraph

The Mortgages of the Future - Shiller, NY Times
Follow the money - Krugman, NY Times
WaMu loaned millions to OC home flippers with a history of fraud - OC Register

Paulson resists calls for added help in bailout - AP
Treasury Seeks Authority to Buy Mortgages Unchecked by Courts - Bloomberg
A Professor and a Banker Bury Old Dogma on Markets - NY Times

Financial crisis: Default by the US government is no longer unthinkable - Telegraph
Darling told: act now or face disaster - Guardian
Central banks may expand range of collateral: Nikkei - Reuters
Europeans on left and right ridicule U.S. money meltdown - LA Times
From boom to bust, China's stocks casino loses luster - Reuters

Tow trucks parade through NYC in world record bid - AP
Future Fury: Hurricane Effects Will Only Get Worse - LiveScience

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