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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Deal said to be near on big financial bailout plan - AP
Plan’s Mystery: What’s All This Stuff Worth? - NY Times
Bush issues direct appeal for support on bailout of financial system - LA Times
Rush to Rescue Banks Brings Flashbacks of War - Bloomberg
How Main Street Will Profit - Bill Gross, Washington Post
Pimco's Gross says bailout to benefit Main Street - Washington Post
Managing the Bailout: He’d Do It for Nothing - NY Times
The Dummy's Guide to the US Banking Crisis - Credit Writedowns

Gold Gains on Concern Bailout Plan May Be Delayed; Dollar Falls - Bloomberg
Oil falls on bailout concerns, demand - Reuters
Dollar tumbles as bailout hangs in the balance - Telegraph
US fights bubbles by flooding system with money - Commodity Online

US jobless claims surge as hurricanes hit count - Reuters
U.S. durable-goods orders fall sharply in August - MarketWatch
House passes $25-billion loan package for auto industry - LA Times
Survey: Workers' family health-care deductibles jump 29% - USA Today

Main Street's Rage at the Financial Crisis - BusinessWeek
Raffles: Real Estate’s Latest Game of Chance - NY Times
Tell us ‘Is it worth $700 billion?’ - OC Register
Mortgage fraud expert: O.C. median home should be $300,000 - OC Register

Bernanke Moves Closer to Rate Cut as Risks to Economy Intensify - Bloomberg
America Must Rescue the Bonuses at Goldman Sachs - Bloomberg
Economic Activity Is Slowing Across Many Areas, Fed Chairman Says - NY Times
Libor Soars on Concern Bank Bailout Will Be Diluted - Bloomberg

China denies shunning foreign banks - Reuters
Ireland falls into recession - Guardian
Rush for Bank of England funding - BBC
U.S. losing financial superpower status: Steinbrueck - MarketWatch
Bank run in Hong Kong prompts $500M infusion - AP

Washington Mutual's free checking -- give or take $5 - LA Times
Shipping containers could be 'dream' homes for thousands - CNN

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