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Friday, October 24, 2008

Wall St. futures frozen after plunge - AP
OPEC slashes production; crude continues to tumble - AP
'Perma-Bear' Backs Other Value Investors: Buy Now - BusinessWeek
AIG Has Used Much of Its $123 Billion Bailout Loan - Washington Post
Greenspan denies blame for crisis, admits 'flaw' - AP
Gold Standard Is Wrong Salve for Global Ills - Bloomberg

U.S. stock futures blasted after Asia plunge - MarketWatch
Oil falls despite production cuts - BBC
Balle, balle..great demand for India Post gold coins! - Commodity Online
Oil, Gold, Commodities in `Freefall' as Economic Slump Deepens - Bloomberg
Say it with Buffett: Stocks will rise - MSN Money

U.S. September Home Resales Jump 5.5% to 5.18 Million Pace - Bloomberg
Wave of job cuts sweeps across corporate America - Reuters
The real tragedy of this financial crisis is that people will die - MarketWatch

Stockton, Calif., tries digging out - USA Today
Foreclosures Help Housing Market Find a Bottom - Bloomberg
Foreclosures in California on steep rise - SF Gate
Freddie Mac: Fixed-rate mortgages fall in latest survey - MarketWatch

Greenspan shocked at failure of free markets - SF Gate
Treasury To Invest In More Banks - Washington Post
Central banks need to calm disorderly FX markets - Reuters
Greenspan - I was wrong about the economy. Sort of - Guardian

Russian default risk tops Iceland as crisis deepens - Telegraph
Asia Money Rates May Rise as Korea, Argentina Economies Stumble - Bloomberg
UK economy officially on the brink of recession - AP
Brazil to Pump $50 Billion in Currency Market to Shore Up Real - Bloomberg
Yen rockets as risk aversion hits extremes - Reuters
China Urged to Fight Crisis By Asia, Europe Leaders - Bloomberg
Sterling falling at fastest rate since ERM debacle - Guardian

Bloomberg gets vote allowing 3rd term NY mayor run - MarketWatch
Election Winner May Welcome Early Exit in 2013 - Bloomberg

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