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Friday, October 31, 2008

Rate cut from Japan, Barclays seeks funding - Reuters
Nevada, Michigan, Florida lead 'underwater' list - AP
Housing plunge: The Fannie fix - Forbes
Fed Adds $21 Billion to Loans for A.I.G. - NY Times
Deflation is more likely than many assume - MarketWatch
Banks, consumer advocates urge U.S. to allow credit card debt forgiveness - LA Times

World share prices set for worst month ever - AP
Gold Heads for Biggest Monthly Drop Since 1983 as Dollar Gains - Bloomberg
Crude Oil Is Poised for Record Monthly Drop as Demand Declines - Bloomberg
'Gold will trade at $1650. Gold has buying power' - Commodity Online

Biggest drop in consumer spending in four years -MarketWatch
The Economy: Why it feels so bad - CNN/Money
Economic data point to the start of a recession - LA Times
Recession Ghost Towns Offer Choice of Seats, Parking - Bloomberg

Mortgage rates jump sharply - AP
7.5 million homeowners 'underwater' - CNN/Money
Buyers and Sellers Remain Pessimistic About the Housing Market, - MarketWatch
IndyMac borrowers may be unaware of mortgage offer - LA Times
Home Value Denial: Not Just a River in Egypt - HousingWire

The bigger their egos, the harder we fall - Globe & Mail
Hank Paulson's $125 Billion Mistake - Washington Post
Treasury says no aid for GM, Chrysler - CNN/Money
Banks borrowing from Fed at a record rate - AP

Oil sheikhs eye 'global player' role - BBC
New Anxiety Grips Russia’s Economy - NY Times
Traders warn of Italy iceberg -Telegraph
Japan cuts rates - first time in 7 years - CNN/Money
IMF works fast to dole out money around the world - USA Today
UK House prices fall by more than average annual pay - TimesOnline
Islamic Banking: Steady in Shaky Times - Washington Post

3 men with gold confuse sheriff's sale - Morning Call
Uninsured by choice? Are they nuts? - MSN Money

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