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Monday, October 06, 2008

Treasury and Fed pledge rapid response to crisis - AP
Government action fails to halt global sell-off - Financial Times
Germany takes hot seat as Europe falls into the abyss - Telegraph
Another meltdown Monday as London shares crash again - Guardian
Capitalism in deepest crisis in 80 years - Business Inquirer
In D.C., few evade blame for financial crisis - LA Times
Financial crisis: Gordon Brown is urged to guarantee deposits - Telegraph
Savers frozen out as Icesave website collapses - TimesOnline

Global stocks plunge, yen leaps as crisis escalates - Reuters
Gold recovers as flight to safety balances dollar - Reuters
Oil falls below $90 as financial turmoil spreads - AP
Deflation Threat Returns as Asset Markets Decline - Bloomberg

1 hurdle down, many more to go for the economy - USAToday
Economy creates surge in homeless Mass. families - AP
The next crisis: The economy - Fleckenstein, MSN Money
The Recession Is Coming Home For The Holidays - 24/7 Wall Street
Credit crisis adds to pressures on auto dealers - AP

How much foreclosure relief will homeowners get from bailout plan? - LA Times
BofA Rolls Out $8.4 Billion Loan Mod Program - HousingWire
Illegal residents but responsible homeowners - LA Times

Credit crunch continues as lending rates climb - MarketWatch
Fed pressed to step up crisis action - Financial Times
Loose Money And the Roots Of the Crisis - WSJ
Bank on this: Bank failures will rise in next year - AP
Paulson Adviser To Oversee Rescue - Washington Post

UBS lowers China 2009 GDP growth forecast to 8 percent - Reuters
Lack of EU cooperation worsens turmoil: economists - MarketWatch
Contagion could fracture the eurozone - Guardian
Emirates flexes its financial muscle - LA Times
Debt crisis looms for Pakistan after rating downgrade - Reuters
No extra safety for German savers - BBC

What Does the Vice President Do, Anyway? - LiveScience
Farmer carves out Calif. record with huge pumpkin - AP

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