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Monday, October 20, 2008

China's third-quarter GDP growth eases to 9% - MarketWatch
Is it game over for the oil sands? - Globe & Mail
Joint U.S.-New York Inquiry Into Credit-Default Swaps - NY Times
Merrill CEO sees thousands of job cuts - Reuters
Bond Risk Rises to Record on Concern of Worst Slump Since '30s - Bloomberg
Hedge funds add to markets' pain - USA Today
Credit Bubble Bulletin: The "Arb" Game is Over - Prudent Bear
Poll finds high anxiety on economy this month - AP

Oil rises on expectation of OPEC cut - AP
Gold Rises From One-Month Low as Dollar Weakens Before Speech - Bloomberg
Gas prices reverse course, fall below $3 - USA Today
Why Warren Buffett is Right (and Why Nobody Cares) - Hussman Funds

Bruised economy may limp into next year - AP
Consumers now key to high tech's sales - LA Times
Grocery bill still high? Blame 'sticky' prices - AP

Mortgage firm arranged stealth campaign - AP
Agents warn housing market meltdown is global - Henley Standard
US house prices face long fall to bottom: analysts - AFP

U.S. seeks ways to get banks to lend, not hoard, new capital - LA Times
Is credit crisis over? Not so fast - MSN Money
Bush Needs to Send in Reinforcements to the Fed - Bloomberg

Darling invokes Keynes as he eases spending rules to fight recession - Guardian
Do our rulers know enough to avoid a 1930s replay? - Telegraph
Ottawa poised to bolster bank lending - Globe & Mail
British home asking prices down 4.9% annually - MarketWatch
India's central bank cuts interest rates to 8%, cuts by 1% - MarketWatch

CNBC banking on Jim Cramer - LA Times
Bush Calls For Panic - The Onion

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