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Rogers: The coming inflation holocaust

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jim Rogers was on CNBC the other day talking about the extent of the water damage being caused by all world's central bank firefighters over the last few months (skip to 5:50).


Anonymous said...

U.S. Treasury Said to Invest in Nine Major U.S. Banks - $125 billion!!
The more I see, the more I think Rogers is right ---- we should just let everyone fail who's going to fail and then build it back up ---- a rough couple of years and then we get a fresh start

Jean-Luc said...

Japan kept their interest rate low for an extended period of times and they also had bailout for there crisis a few year ago, but there has only been deflation in Japan for many years.
How what is done in the US different from what Japan did?

Anonymous said...

They let banks go to the wall in 1929. You really want 30 years of pain ?!

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