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Sunday, October 05, 2008

European Leaders Vow to Fight Financial Crisis - NY Times
Citi: Wells Fargo blocked from buying Wachovia - AP
Bad Medicine - Grant, Washington Post
Paulson Moves On to Nuts and Bolts of Rescue - Washington Post
The Wall Street Bust - Noland, Prudent Bear
Finance crisis: in graphics - BBC

As Fear Gripped Markets, Even Reliable Mutual Fund Strategies Didn't Work - Wash. Post
Silver and Gold Prices Will Go Much Higher - MoneyChanger
Nice bailout. Now what else you got? - LA Times

Home Sales Probably Fell, Trade Gap Ebbed: U.S. Economy Preview - Bloomberg
No rescue in sight for what ails economy - LA Times
Economy's fate hinges on consumers' reactions - SF Gate
More severe recession now forecast by Goldman Sachs - MarketWatch

A home page for bidding on foreclosures - LA Times
Pressured to Take More Risk, Fannie Hit a Tipping Point - NY Times
Mastermind in one of California's largest real estate scams gets 14 years - LA Times

Bernanke Says Fed to Continue Using All of its Powers - Bloomberg
Interest rate cut will undermine credibility of monetary regime - Telegraph
Libor Mystifies Americans as Mayor Reads `Doomsday' - Bloomberg

Europe calls for global summit on bank crisis - Guardian
Belgian PM talking to private groups on Fortis - Reuters
France To Buy 30,000 Planned Homes To Boost Building Business - Morninstar
Homeowners steer clear of equity release loans - TimesOnline
Crisis talks to save German bank - BBC
EU leaders will act to sort out failings -Brown - Reuters
Ireland's Celtic Tiger economy is dead, and its cubs are thinking of emigrating - Telegraph

Big fossil found in Ike-ravaged home's front yard - AP
Las Vegas jury finds O.J. Simpson guilty - LA Times
Rich and Poor Have Same Economic Views - LiveScience

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