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Sunday, October 12, 2008

IMF chief warns of global financial meltdown - MSNBC
Illinois, Michigan Banks Shut by Regulators; Toll Climbs to 15 - Bloomberg
Financial troubles spread to credit unions - LA Times
Paulson Indicates Need to Purchase Bank Equity `Soon as We Can' - Bloomberg
The Depression's history lessons - Globe & Mail
G.M. Said to Seek Merger With Ford Before Chrysler - NY Times
Financial crisis: Government to take majority stake in RBS - Telegraph

Retirement Wreck - Washington Post
All that money you've lost — where did it go? - AP
Oil prices fall to less than $80 per barrel - SF Gate
Experts' guidelines to surviving the freefall - Globe & Mail
Silver Rush as bullion market gets tight on bailout - Commodity Online

Retail Sales Probably Fell in September: U.S. Economy Preview - Bloomberg
Democrats Discuss a Post-Election Stimulus Bill - WSJ
Economic Uncertainty Spreads - NY Times
Across the Country, Fear About Savings, the Job Market and Retirement - NY Times

Foreclosures and Their Trickle-Down Effect - ZillowBlog
Investor Report: Investing by December 1st - Realty Times
Fannie, Freddie to Buy $40 Billion a Month of Troubled Assets - Bloomberg

White House Overhauling Rescue Plan - NY Times
Credit Bubble Bulletin: Hoping There's Hope - Noland, Prudent Bear
The Bernanke conundrum - Interfluidity

Europe's Leaders Race to Find Financial Solution - Bloomberg
Report: Germany readies its own bank bailout plan - MarketWatch
Financial crisis: 'Spooked’ rich withdraw savings - Telegraph
Gulf Stocks Extend Global Equities Slump After G-7, Oil Decline - Bloomberg
G-7 Commit to `All Necessary Steps' to Stem Meltdown - Bloomberg
Countries at risk of bankruptcy from Pakistan to Baltics - Telegraph
Slump in exports turns Asian tiger into pussycat - LA Times

Cruel end for an L.A. homeless man - LA Times
Kenya's elephants send text messages to rangers - AP

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