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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fed moves to buy commercial paper to ease market strain - MarketWatch
Australia Slashes Rates, Central Banks Inject Cash - Bloomberg
Speculation mounts over global rate cuts - MarketWatch
Paulson turns to Goldman to unclog credit markets - AP
Fed Sets Floor Below Rate Target, Engineering `Stealth' Cut - Bloomberg
Regulators Outline Steps to Quell Crisis - WSJ
The Panic Of 1873 - A Better Model For The Crisis? - iTulip
France said to seek emergency G8 meeting - MarketWatch

Gold rides on falling stocks, extends 4 per cent rise - Times of India
Oil rebounds after falling to 8-month low - AP
Is now a good time to panic? - LA Times
Capitulation watch continues in vain - MarketWatch

Global Fears of a Recession Grow Stronger - NY Times
EBay plans to cut workforce 10 percent - SF Gate
U.S. could recover in spring, economists says - MarketWatch
New budget plunges into the red, emergency session may be called - LA Times

BofA OKs foreclosure relief for Californians - SF Gate
Fannie, Freddie to Sell Bad Assets - HousingWire
Another Extreme Makeover House Owner in Financial Trouble - Zillow Blog

Libor for Overnight Dollar Loans Jumps as Credit Freeze Deepens - Bloomberg
Fed hawk wary of rate cut but another softens tone - Reuters
Market sees Fed cutting rates to 1.25% by end of month - MarketWatch
Fed eyes plan to fund short-term business loans - AP
Paulson's new 'Global Banking Corp.' IPO 2009 - MarketWatch

Royal Bank of Scotland leads plunge in UK banks - Telegraph
Australia rate cut stuns, markets thirst for more - Reuters
Worldwide Turmoil Could Reverse Years of Prosperity - Washington Post
Fears of global recession deepen as stock markets plunge - LA Times
Russia and Iceland move to stem banking crisis - Reuters
Panicked Arab stock markets plunge - AP
Mexico peso falls to all-time low of 12 per dollar - Reuters

Father kills family and himself, despondent over financial losses - LA Times
College Costs: Coping with the Meltdown - BusinessWeek

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