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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Senate to Vote Today on the Bailout Plan - NY Times
Trichet Says U.S. Must Rescue `Global Finance' - Bloomberg
The Bailout Defeat: A Political Credibility Crisis - Time
SEC gives banks more leeway on mark-to-market - Reuters
Why propping up banks will not rescue a debauched financial system - Telegraph

Oil rises to $101 on bailout plan hopes - AP
Louis James: "I'm buying all the bullion I can" - Kitco
US stocks head for lower open after rebound - AP

U.S. September Job Cuts Rise 33% From Year Ago, Challenger Says - Bloomberg
U.S. Sept. ADP employment index falls 8,000 jobs - MarketWatch
Consumer confidence edges higher in September - MarketWatch

Time to foam the runway as home prices plummet - MarketWatch
Mortgage applications fell 23% last week: MBA - MarketWatch
On the bailout: Voters vented, lawmakers listened - LA Times
Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Declined 16.3% in July - Bloomberg

Paulson Fashions `Powell Doctrine' for Markets - Bloomberg
Bankers Working for Government Are More Dangerous - Bloomberg
Why the $700-billion rescue plan failed - LA Times

IMF adds to pressure on Congress to approve bail-out - Guardian
The U.S. Financial Crisis Is Spreading to Europe - NY Times
Eurozone unemployment climbs to 7.5% in August - AFP
Banking crash hits Europe as ECB loses traction - Telegraph
Spectre of 1930s haunts America as financial turmoil worsens - Times Online

How Much is $700 Billion? - LiveScience
Here, kitty: Police expect house cat, get cougar - AP

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