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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fed, ECB and Bank of England make emergency interest rate cuts - Telegraph
Interest rates cut to 4.5% as Brown unveils £500bn bank bail-out - Guardian
OPEC may need to cut if oil under $90: Iraq - Reuters
Investor Jim Rogers predicts lost decade to USA - Pravda
Central banks all but stop lending bullion($) - Financial Times
For the New Contagion, the Same Old Prescriptions - Wash. Post

Oil Falls, Giving Up Rebound That Followed Interest Rate Cuts - Bloomberg
Gold rallies over $20 after Fed cuts rate - MarketWatch
Markets Need More Than Random Acts of Congress - Bloomberg
US Mint halts some American Eagle coin production - Reuters
Is it safe to invest in gold, silver & crude oil? - Commodity Online

Retailers' September sales forebode a tough holiday - MarketWatch
Slowing economy hitting state tax revenues - MSNBC
Cheaper Gas Prices, but Less Demand - AP
Consumer borrowing hits a 10-year low - MSNBC

Subprime Suspects - NewsWeek
Critics say bailout offers little help for homeowners - MSN
Mortgage Losses to Top $1.4 Trillion: IMF - HousingWire
Why We Should Let Housing Prices Keep Falling - NY Times

Fed, ECB, Central Banks Cut Rates in Coordinated Move - Bloomberg
Central Banks Coordinate Cut in Rates - NY Times
Fed Tries to Find What Works in Mess - Bloomberg
Bankers Might Need 50 Years to Regain Credibility - Bloomberg

Europe's Economy Shrinks as Investment, Spending Fall - Bloomberg
Bank of England goes nuclear with interest rate cut - Telegraph
Global economy needs more than rate cuts - MarketWatch
Financial crisis: UK bank bail-out: The key points - Bloomberg
IMF Says World Economy Heading for `Major Downturn' - Telegraph

CNBC Confirms Lehman CEO Punched at Gym - Business & Media Inst.
After bailout, AIG sent executives to the spa - MSNBC

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