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Monday, November 24, 2008

U.S. Approves Plan to Help Citigroup Cope With Losses - NY Times
Democrats' Stimulus Plan May Reach $700 Billion - Washington Post
Bring back the link between gold and the dollar - Financial Times
Recession’s Grip Forces U.S. to Flood World With More Dollars - Bloomberg
Fed Pledges Top $7.4 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit - Bloomberg
Why Gold Is Down, But You Can't Get Your Hands on Any - Fox Business
China addresses stimulus doubts with proposal list - AP
The meddlers can't tame the market - MSN Money

Oil prices rise back above $50 - AP
Gold hits 5-wk high, financial crisis fuels demand - Reuters
COMEX Commercial Short Positions Still Low For Gold, Silver - Resource Investor
Deflation, Monetary Velocity, and Why Gold's a Buy - Seeking Alpha
The Cornerstone of Capitalism - Hussman Funds

Schumer: $500 billion to $700 billion stimulus - AP
FDR saved capitalism – now it's Obama's turn - CSM
More customers resume using old-fashioned cash - SF Gate
Monster in Closet Is Recession, Not Deflation - Bloomberg
Don't Get Depressed, It's Not 1929 - Slate

UAE to bail out lenders, to cut state spending - Reuters
Darling to unveil 45p tax on rich to fund recession package - Guardian
Dutch Home Sellers Cut Prices in Market That Would ‘Never Fall’ - Bloomberg
Treasury reveals biggest growth forecast cut since records began - Telegraph
Pacific Rim Leaders Vow Further ‘Extraordinary’ Steps on Crisis - Bloomberg
US influence to decline, NIC intelligence report predicts - Telegraph
China should increase dollar reserves, economist says - Reuters
Saudi Arabia cuts interest rate - BBC

World's house values fall for the first time - Guardian
Assured, FSA Lose AAA Ratings at Moody’s - Housing Wire
Calling for Fed Intervention in the Housing Market - Seeking Alpha
Falling prices a bitter pill for homeowners - SF Gate

The Fed Is Out of Ammunition - Wall Street Journal
Fed's Role in Crisis Is Giant, if Opaque - Washington Post
Bernanke says he erred in gauging mortgage fallout - CNN/Money
Economist blames Fed for downturn -

Ben Stein Watch: November 23, 2008 -
Dig It: These People Are Burying Their Cash - SmartMoney

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