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No fireworks in precious metals markets

Friday, November 28, 2008

Depending upon which closing price you look at, gold either ended the Thanksgiving holiday flat or up a percent or so - not what many were expecting, but not bad.

According to Jon Nadler at Kitco, most of the holders of December futures contracts who did show up at work today rolled them over to the February contract. I'll be on a panel with Jon on Monday morning at the San Francisco Hard Assets Investment Conference, so I'll be sure to ask him for more thoughts on the subject.

I think I already know what he's going to say...
IMAGE As it was though, November looks like it was a much better month than September or October for all kinds of investments.

Marketwatch reports that gold turned in its best monthly performance since 1999, rising 3.1 percent for the week and 14 percent for the month. It's still down about two percent for the year, but that's pretty good against most things in 2008.


Aaron Krowne said...

Yeah ask Nadler, so you can hear him tell you about how real gold is a barbarous relic; the cool kids all buy paper gold (at one of the many bank paper gold programmes he helped to set up before becoming a "precious metals analyst")

Anonymous said...

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Anthony J. Alfidi said...

So where's the big COMEX default that all those Kitco guys have been predicting?

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