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Oil and gold contest update #2

Friday, November 14, 2008

This is update #2 for the year-end oil and gold contest - it's been an interesting two weeks since the initial update with the combined oil/gold price now moving away from the congested area of the chart as shown below.
IMAGEThat's the Inscrutable Chicken lying atop the current prices of $57.04 for a barrel of oil and $742.30 for an ounce of gold with a combined error of just 4.2 percent. In second place is Bear Tracks...

Oh what the heck - it's easy enough to make up a table of the top ten.
IMAGEYours truly is in position #65 out of 89, far away from the action at the moment, but confident that the little yellow diamonds will begin moving up and to the right in short order.

Really, $57 a barrel for oil? In many placed, you can't pump the stuff out of the ground and make a profit at that puny little price. Of course, the price may get even punier before it begins moving back up... something about a deflationary abyss...

Recall that the winner receives a free one-year subscription to Iacono Research.

Good luck to all.


Anonymous said...

oil 84

gold 960

I'm GB (not puond!)

Tim said...

GB - if this is a guess, you're a little late. The next contest will open or entries in April

Owner Earnings said...

Oil could go to $30.

Oil Production Will Not Be Cut

It's a classic example of Prisoner's Dilemma (Link Via Wikipedia)

The only way they will cut production is when they are forced and the only way they will be forced is if they have no where to store the oil they pump.

Owner Earnings At Blogspot

Dan said...

Oil will go to $3.00 once we learn how to power things with dreams and starlight

The Inscrutable Chicken said...

dammit! Peaked too soon again...

Anonymous said...

I just might win this a range-setting outlier.

Dorcas' Daddy-$40 oil, $680 gold.

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