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See you in San Francisco?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Another shocker! After going over to the International Investment Conferences website to grab a graphic for this post, look whose mug turned up:IMAGEThis is just a reminder for those of you in or near the Bay Area that the San Francisco Hard Assets Investment Conference will be held later this month at the Marriot Hotel.

Peter Schiff is one of the speakers this year along with regulars such as James Dines, Jay Taylor, Rick Rule, Dennis Gartman, Jon Nadler, Al Korelin, and many others.

At both the May conference in New York and the September gathering in Las Vegas, it was a pleasure to meet a number of readers of the blog and subscribers to Iacono Research.

Registration is free - hope to see you there!

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fish said...

Dude, love ya..... but that photo looks like a mugshot! You look like you should be holding up a numbered board belonging to some municipality!

Ironic also that the Hummer article reprised today is the one that directed me to "The Mess Greenspan Made"!

Hats off to you and the great website! I look forward to continued enlightenment as this big sweaty trainwreck of an economy continues to grind to an ugly end!

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