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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Discord on Economies In a World Of Trouble - Washington Post
No big sellers in sight to save troubled Chrysler - AP
Investors brace for a case of deflation - LA Times
Florida's Freedom Bank Is 17th in U.S. to Be Closed This Year - Bloomberg
Boeing machinists approve contract, return to work - Reuters
Rescued bank to pay millions in bonuses - Guardian
Fear of Deflation Lurks as Global Demand Drops - New York Times

Hopes are 'worst October' signals worst is past - MarketWatch
Well Into Retirement and Caught Short on Income - Washington Post
Dollar's uptrend against rivals has dark side - MarketWatch

Payrolls Probably Fell, Factories Shrank: U.S. Economy Preview - Bloomberg
Economic data point to the start of a recession - LA Times
Evidence of a recession piles higher with new data - AP

This old house policy - Boston Globe
Island of Lost Homes - New York Times
Financing gone for Trump-named Baja towers - Signs on San Diego

Fed chief weighs future for Fannie, Freddie - SF Gate
Bernanke says GSE debt backing must be maintained - Reuters
S.F. Fed chief wants more done on housing - SF Gate

Brown seeks cash for IMF as China, India feel crisis - Reuters
In England, ruing the decision to put money in Iceland banks - LA Times
China Manufacturing Contracts as Crisis Trims Exports - Bloomberg
Unhappy times for housing market - WalesOnline
Millions in home loan danger zone - Guardian
Australians ill-prepared for world economy: Murdoch - Reuters
ECB May Follow as Fed, BOJ, India `Shocked' Into Cuts - Bloomberg

Naked pumpkin runners ticketed in Colorado - AP
Bat Death Mystery Solved - LiveScience

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