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Sunday, November 09, 2008

How the Thundering Herd Faltered and Fell - NY Times
Democrats want Bush to help ailing automakers - AP
China announces $586 billion stimulus plan - AP
AIG reportedly in talks over new bailout - MarketWatch
Debt Trap - Noland, Prudent Bear
Regulators shut banks in Texas, California - AP

Financial Planners Largely Keeping Faith in Stocks - Washington Post
OPEC says more cuts could be on the way - MarketWatch
Gold to outperform oil as recession brews - Reuters

It’s a Time to Listen, and to Obey the Laws of Arithmetic - NY Times
At first news conference, Obama promises stimulus push - USA Today
Put Away the Wish List, and Help Households Bounce Back - NY Times
What’s a Depression, Daddy? - NY Times
Running on fumes: GM could soon run out of cash - AP

Real Estate: A look at the housing market after historic month - Hometown Annapolis
Foreclosures Pick Pockets of Homeowners Associations - Washington Post
Realtors gather optimistically in face of terrible housing market - Dallas News
10 Best Suburbs to Sell a Home - Forbes
It Might Be Impossible to Stop the Decline of Housing Prices - Seeking Alpha

John Maynard Keynes: Can the great economist save the world? - The Independent
Fed's Lockhart Sees Slump Lasting Through June 2009 - Bloomberg

The global slumpometer - Economist
Economic powers agree on need to boost growth - Reuters
World Bank Report Paints Bleak Picture for Australia - Bloomberg
Analyst says China may be heading for a severe economic slowdown - Times Online
The Bank of England has lost its marbles - Telegraph
The euro area: All fall down - Economist

Parents pull kids from day care as money tightens - AP
Mad Dash to Snag Swearing-In Tickets, Rooms Begins - Washington Post

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