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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Austrians Were Right - Ron Paul
Obama intensifies focus with economy in free fall - AP
GM says board doesn't see bankruptcy as option - CNN/Money
Geithner Is Said to Be Obama’s Pick for U.S. Treasury Secretary - Bloomberg
Three banks in California, Georgia fail - CNN/Money
Citigroup Pays for a Rush to Risk - NY Times
Just the facts... - Noland, Prudent Bear

Major Damage - Barrons
Market mess explained (as best we can) - Globe & Mail
Scrupulous savers want to safeguard their nest egg - LA Times
UAE gold sales increase by 56% In Q3 2008 to reach Dhs4.3bn - AMEInfo
Investor fear remains deep despite 1-day rally - SF Gate
The big mo - Economist

Obama outlines plan to create 2.5M jobs - CNN/Money
Dramatic downturn seen for economic data - MarketWatch
Surge in unemployment puts California's Inland Empire in tailspin - LA Times
Obama Vows Swift Action on Vast Economic Stimulus Plan - NY Times
Hard times and long lines for Southern Californians - LA Times

Goodbye G7, hello G20 - Economist
Gulf shares lower after Saudi slump - AP
Individual investors allowed to trade Au99.95-category gold - CHINADaily
Bank will stamp down on future house price booms, says deputy governor - Telegraph
China must be cautious in raising consumption - CHINADaily
Insurers cash in on deflation fears - Times Online
Darling to slash VAT and spark Xmas spree - Guardian

Banks becoming landlords? - LA Land
What goes down must come up - Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
Slow housing market means more hours, more expenses for agents - Seattle Times
Housing market near big military bases doing fine - SF Gate

That Money Isn’t Leaving the Vault - NY Times
Credit market freeze may claim local governments as victims - LA Times
Banking Regulator Played Advocate Over Enforcer - Washington Post

US officials flunk test of Amerian history, economics, civics - AFP
Wine buyers are sobered by Wall Street meltdown - LA Times

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