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Sunday, November 30, 2008

China GDP May Expand 10% in 2009, State Analyst Says - Bloomberg
OPEC ends Cairo meeting without new output cuts - AP
Local Pillars, Auto Dealerships Teeter as Big Three Decline - NY Times
Rubin says not to blame for Citi's troubles - Reuters
Americans Have Lost Their Appetite for Spending - NY Times
Poverty spreading in suburbs: study - Reuters

The Investors Who Can’t Come in From the Cold - NY Times
Gas above $2 a gallon in only 3 states - CNN/Money
Currencies fail to hold firm in the crisis - Financial Times
Resist the Urge to Use Your Retirement Savings to Live Off - Associated Content

Preview: Job Cuts, Factory Slump Probably Worsened - Bloomberg
Early data shows strong Black Friday shopping - AP
Hard Times Are Hitting Santa, Too - Washington Post
Black Friday shoppers spend -- with caution - LA Times

Chinese leader says China losing competitive edge - AP
We’re still worse off than in 1997 - Times Online
Saudi index soars after king's comments on economy - AP
UK house prices 'to plunge like US' - Guardian
Nine Perplexing Phenomena About China’s Economy - Epoch Times
Taxpayer left with £2.4bn paper loss in RBS takeover - Guardian

A Dispatch From Housing’s Front Lines - NY Times
The Condo Crunch - Washington Post
O.C. house prices seen rising in 2013 - OC Register

Bank of Zimbabwe Commends US and UK for Following Its Lead - Naked Capitalism
Was the Great Depression a monetary phenomenon? - NY Times
After General Bernanke Destroys The Deflationary Threat - Fallstreet
Economic rescue could cost $8.5 trillion - LA Times

Candy cane lawn ornament is used to subdue attacker - LA Times
Obnoxious displays of wealth on TV a turn-off for many - LA Times

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