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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Citigroup to help at-risk borrowers stay in homes - AP
Obama Asks Bush to Provide Help for Automakers - NY Times
G20 summit may be fittingly inept end to Bush administration - Telegraph
Now are we in a recession? - Jeff Frankel's Blog
Lehman Bros.' financial crisis burns Asian bond investors - USA Today
The End -
GM Plunges as Deutsche Says It May Become Worthless - Bloomberg
Why Washington Cannot Prevent Depression - Money and Markets

Oil hovers near $60 - CNN/Money
Gold dips, platinum slides as commodities falter - Reuters
Financial crisis and impact on commodities - Commodity Online
USDA projects lower corn, soybean harvests - AP
Should you follow Buffett this time? - MSN Money

Get out there and spend - MarketWatch
Fund industry braces for deep job cuts - Reuters
Laid off? No, you've been 'simplified' - Forbes
Slowdown reaches Harvard's doors - CNN/Money

A Town Drowns in Debt as Home Values Plunge - NY Times
Fannie: Going Concern, but I am Getting Concerned - Econompicdata
Growth in Basement Remodeling Undeterred by Sluggish Housing Market - MarketWatch

Revised AIG Terms Begin Treasury Transfusions to 'Zombie' Firms - Bloomberg
U.S. to Push Banks to Step Up Lending - Washington Post
Libor lowest since 2004 as credit markets keep thawing - AP

Ruble Devaluation Concern Triggers 10% Plunge in Russian Stocks - Bloomberg
Grim economy data throws spotlight on crisis summit - Reuters
Chinese trade surplus hits record - BBC
China's Inflation Slows, Giving Room for Rate Cuts - Bloomberg
Bailout in the desert - Forbes
Plunge in UK retail sales and home deals - Financial Times
UK Home sales plummet to new low, lending has dropped 70% - TimesOnline
Las Vegas Sands halts Macau construction - MarketWatch

Google: Down 55% for the year - CNN/Money
Payday loans ambush military - MSN Money
Elderly Crime Wave Spotlights Japan's Underbelly - Bloomberg

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