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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Automotive Rescue Is Threatened By Impasse - Wash. Post
Congress set to question Paulson, Bernanke - AP
30 reasons for Great Depression 2 by 2011 - MarketWatch
Inflation or deflation? - Hutchinson, Prudent Bear
Citigroup plans a leaner future, cuts 53,000 jobs - AP
Cash-Strapped Companies Grow to Record, Moody's Says - Bloomberg
Aid prospects darken for desperate US carmakers - AP

Oil slips as investors mull recession - SF Gate
Gold Declines in London on Slowing Inflation in U.K., U.S - Bloomberg
“Toto, this certainly isn’t Kansas anymore?!” - Raymond James
The Stock Market is Not in "Uncharted Territory" - Hussman Funds

October wholesale prices plunge record 2.8 percent - AP
In bad economy, boat owners abandon their vessels - USA Today
Laid-off workers learn new trades - CNN/Money
New York Manufacturing Index Declines to Record Low - Bloomberg

Retail slows as housing market falls - NW Herald
How to Help People Whose Home Values Are Underwater - WSJ
How to Mop Up Foreclosure Flood - Bloomberg

Paulson's TARP Is Feeble Without Stimulus Plan - Bloomberg
To Prevent Bubbles, Restrain the Fed - WSJ
Paulson Says Markets to Remain Stressed for `Months' - Bloomberg
Bankers Shake Down Congress and the G-20 - CounterPunch
Why Paulson and Bernanke's Plans Don't Work - Seeking Alpha

Japan's `Least Ugly' Economy May Beat U.S., Europe in Crisis - Bloomberg
IMF requires $1.2 trillion to boost world economy - Economic Times
UK Inflation drops to 4.5% - Guardian
Time for Japanese to Rent `Groundhog Day' Again - Bloomberg

Mark Cuban charged with insider trading - MarketWatch
Companies may curtail employee gifts - CNN/Money

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