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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

China cuts key interest rate - CNN/Money
Three new reports reveal battered economy - AP
Fed's $800 billion package aims to unlock lending - USA Today
Obama picks Volcker to head economic group - CNN/Money
Banks lining up to sell FDIC-backed debt - MarketWatch
Beyond the Ivied Halls, Endowments Suffer - NY Times
Russian expert: U.S. headed for collapse - UPI
Keynes on Steroids - Washington Post

Oil steady near $51 - CNN/Money
Gold Falls in London as Stronger Dollar Reduces Demand - Bloomberg
Dividends Cut Fastest Since 1950s as Citigroup Conserves Cash - Bloomberg
Universities retrench as endowments suffer from financial crisis - IHT
New Jersey pension funds lost $23B so far this year - NJ Star Ledger
Bulls still stubborn when it comes to gold - MarketWatc

Consumer spending plunges in October - Reuters
Americans' Food Stamp Use Nears All-Time High - Washintgon Post
Durable orders down 6.2%, transportation orders fall - MarketWatch
Frugal Santas find ways to stretch gift budgets - LA Times
As debt grows, collections boom - CNN/Money

Economic woes hit Ireland hard - LA Times
Giant Stimulus Plan Proposed for Europe - NY Times
Brazil Inflation Quickens to Highest Since July 2005 - Bloomberg
Emerging-Market Debt Trading Tumbles to Lowest in 5 1/2 Years - Bloomberg
China slashes rates to kick-start slowing economy - MarketWatch
Northern Rock defies Government to raise rates - Times Online
A Global Downturn Puts the Brakes on China’s Industry - NY Times
Toyota debt rating cut, Suzuki holds out hope for GM - AP

As mortgages went bad, executives cashed out - LA Times
U.S. Mortgage Rates Drop Most in Seven Years on Fed Debt Plan - Bloomberg
Home prices keep plunging; L.A. sees some of the sharpest declines - LA Times
Seattle home prices fall nearly 10% in third quarter - Seattle Times
Outlook Grows More Dire for Housing Market - LA Times

First Audit Said to Cite Some Snags With Bailout - NY Times
Fed Risks `Spitting in the Wind' With New Aid Pledges - Bloomberg
Lakota Launches Private Bank for Only Silver and Gold Currencies - Abolish the Fed
‘Problem’ Banks Rose 46% in Third Quarter, FDIC Says - Bloomberg
Where Was Geithner in Turmoil? - NY Times

Mystery of dolphins' speed solved - BBC
'Bailout' is 2008 word of the year - CNN/Money

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