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Another investment conference concludes

Monday, December 01, 2008

Well, my official duties at the San Francisco Hard Assets Investment Conference concluded a couple hours ago with the early morning panel discussion hosted by Tom O'Brien of Tiger Financial News Network.

Also on the panel were Jay Taylor of the Jay Taylor's Gold and Technology Stocks Newsletter and Jon Nadler of Kitco. It was a bit of a somber affair, particularly with more dreadful economic news around the world and financial markets once again taking another header into the pavement.

I bumped into Peter Schiff in the elevator about an hour ago and said Hello. He was probably the top draw this year with a standing-room-only crowd for an hour at lunch yesterday and then again for two-hours around dinner time.

It's pretty amazing how he can go on, and on, and on talking about his view of the world, someone next to me at one point calling him the "Energizer Bunny", in a nice way.

The mood is surprisingly good here and attendance has been better than expected.

All around another good show.


Anthony J. Alfidi said...

Of course the mood was good! Most of the attendees are goldbugs. They have good reason to be happy, as the Fed's quant easing will drive gold higher in 2009.

Sorry I missed the conference. I would have loved to meet Peter Schiff in person.

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