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How much for your bailout?

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Julie Alexandria at WallStrip takes the pulse of the public on how big a bailout they need.


Nostradamus, apparently said...

Man, that's funny!

(I'm commenting on everything today...)

I was also VERY interested in the commercial I saw that preceded the Wallstrip video.

I don't know if everyone gets the same one but I watched it twice from your site and got the same commercial each time ...

Mine was for a Healthy Choice microwave lunch meal and it showed a completely baffled typical American businessman in the lunch room. The businessman needed a corporate representative from Healthy Choice (HC) to 'walk him through' the onerous and complicated instructions to "add water, microwave, strain and stir."

After having the simple instructions read to him by the HC rep, the business man is even more baffled and asks, "What is that Japanese?"

For me, that exactly captures the main problem with America today: no one is responsible for anything. No matter how trivial something is, everyone needs help from a Big Brother and they can't do anything on their own.

While it's a very funny way to sell convenience food, the humor comes from the truth of it. And, it is a VERY SAD commentary on the state of America.

God help us!

fish said...

She is so hot!

Bill said...

i too would spend the 20k on weed. amazing.

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