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Marc Faber on CNBC

Monday, December 29, 2008

Despite the stumbling introduction by Joe Kernen and some bizarre in-studio camera work on what appears to be a very old picture of Dr. Doom, this is a pretty good interview.

Summary: Buy gold, buy commodities, and buy natural resource stocks while getting ready to short U.S. debt "massively".


Anonymous said...

That looks like Andy Kaufman

Anonymous said...

Bond bubble runs to March ala Nasdog or dies right here as the calendar turns???? Interesting to see Faber warming up to industrial commodities after having turned very bearish a year ago.

Anonymous said...

His position has changed after he saw the huge amount of money thrown by US government in the last few months. Somebody's opinion can be changed in a dynamic world. Normal the government should not do this costly mistake.

Anonymous said...

The IMF needs to sell gold of which it has a large amount in order to be able to make loans.
This is bound to affect the gold price

Anonymous said...

The FED should abandon their price suppression of gold and silver and just let it run its course - $2500(inflation adjusted $850)(is that US CPI data I don't know, if so - we all know its corrupted - so maybe much higher) gold would at least give the usd some backing (if fort knox has any gold left). then what - the people with gold would prosper and fiat currency holders would be worse off but only in gold terms. The IMF are stupid if they sell their gold to make loans, in fact some central banks are on record as buying.

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