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Ron Paul's choice for Person of the Year

Sunday, December 14, 2008

In the current issue of Time, Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) voices his opinion on who the magazine should choose as their Person of the Year.
IMAGE Ludwig probably doesn't stand much of a chance, what with the competition offered in this same issue - conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter favors Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, Olympian Dara Torres goes for Oprah Winfrey, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus likes President-elect Barack Obama.



Aaron Krowne said...

Tellingly nobody put RP himself in, amusing given most of what he has warned about has come to pass, at the same time the nation was given the chance to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is just another politician, and certainly a crafty one. He has figured he can derive much power from pandering to various elements who don't feel at home with/accepted by the dominant mainstream republicans (or democrats). With statements like this one on von Mises as person of the year, he plays you "Austrians" like a fiddle. If he truly wanted change he'd go Independent but, alas, he enjoys the power that he gets from being part of the Republican machine. Remember, a vote for Ron Paul is also a vote for Civil War revisionists and other weirdos.

Anonymous said...

With the types of idiots who live in this country and know nothing but a two party system, tell me....would you AT HIS AGE, put in the time and effort to put yourself through a grueling political campaign that you know is dead before you start?

Put things into perspective before you make judgments about people who chose not to waste the last few years of their lives for a bunch of morons who can't uphold or respect their own country's constitution.

Mathlete said...

Great choice. I was instantly reminded of The Commanding Heights, the documentary on PBS which covered the rise and fall of socialism, and inversely, the rise of globalization. But I recally one of the latter episodes focused on Hayek and Mises, as two men who predicted everything in advance, but were ignored and ridiculed. Thus, choosing Mises as the man of the year isn't so strange. His ideas were vindicated yet again.

Plus, it will generate huge headlines as everyone asks, "WTF?". And Time needs all the free press it can get.

Anonymous said...

Right, because booms and busts never happened with a gold standard or pre Fed either.

Fractional banking happens with a gold or fiat standard. It doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who derides RP for his personal motives really shows how huge an ass they are. Even the most vocal opponents won't bother with that. They prefer to try painting him as a flake - at least until a discussion of the facts gets in the way. Here we have someone who disagrees with the conclusions, doesn't understand why and won't spend the time to find out. That surely is a great recipe for something. The whole point of RP is to put the facts and issues first. BTW, what is a revisionist anyway? Why don't you show me the tablets you got from Moses while you figure that out?

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