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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Talks Turn to Terms for Auto Aid - Washington Post
Obama: Economy to get worse before it improves - AP
"Car czar" proposed for any automaker bailout - Reutersg
Deflation virus is moving the policy test beyond the 1930s extremes - Telegraph
'Depression Economics' - Newsweek
First Georgia Community Bank Closed, Boosting 2008 Toll to 23 - Bloomberg
Krugman: US auto industry will probably disappear - AP

Stocks: More pain, more gains? - CNN/Money
Is Comex manipulating Gold prices? - Commodity Online
It May Not Look That Way, but Diversification Still Works - NY Times
Maybe It's Better to Wait - Washington Post
OPEC head predicts output cuts - CNN/Money

A guide for the newly poor - LA Times
Preview: Retail sales dropping like a rock - MarketWatch
Car dealers hit hard by Detroit's uncertainty - Reuterws
Obama banking on large-scale public works project - AP
It's Time to End Monthly Employment Report Fraud - NY Post

Why China will recover first - MSN Money
India plans $4 billion in extra spending - AP
BMW sales dip more than a quarter - BBC
China's steel industry enters hard time - ChinaDaily
New Zealand’s House Prices Fall 6.8%, Matching Previous Decline - Bloomberg
U.K. carmakers look to government for help - MarketWatch

Maybe It's Time to Buy - Washington Post
WSomeone Please Tell Government You Can't Legislate High Asset Prices - Seeking Alpha
Chinese tour groups go house-hunting in U.S. - LA Times
Mortgage REIT Insider: Agencies Ascending - Housing Wire

Bernanke's bets get bigger to keep America moving - Guardian
Debt Watchdogs: Tamed or Caught Napping? - NY Times
More "world coordination" on rates needed - Reuters
Why the Federal Reserve Can’t Save the Dollar - Money Morning

Is Einstein the Last Great Genius? - AP
Left-lane slowpokes drive you crazy? - MSN Money

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