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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Israel May Call Up Army Reserves After Bombarding Hamas - Bloomberg
GMAC quiet on bailout hurdle after deadline passes - AP
Euro currency turns 10; seen fulfilling promise - AP
Faces of the Crisis: Nouriel Roubini - Financial Times
Madoff Must Reveal All Assets by New Year’s Eve, Judge Rules - Bloomberg
IndyMac Is Set to Be Sold to Private Investors - NY Times
The top 10 stories of 2008 - MarketWatch

Gas prices: Five-year low and falling - CNN/Money
Recovery seen for US stocks as trading enters new year - AFP
Gold, the star performer of 2008! - Commodity Online
Oil giants are itching to invade Iraq - TimesOnline
Wall Street heads into the home stretch - CNN/Money
2008: the investment winners and the losers - TimesOnline

PREVIEW: Weak demand seen dragging down manufacturing - MarketWatch
Despite price cuts, holiday retail sales plunge at least 2% - USA Today
Holiday Thoughts about Three Especially Vulnerable Groups - Robert Reich's Blog
Recession Should Change Tastes - Washington Post

Russia inflation to reach 15% - The Straits Times
UK's Brown defiant on economy, sees new U.S. alliance - Reuters
Global economy to shrink for first time since the Second World War - Telegraph
Food needs 'fundamental rethink' - BBC
Gulf Shares Gain, Led by Sabic; Kuwait’s Index Drops on $38 Oil - Bloomberg
Nine out of 10 shoppers plan to cut spending in new year - Guardian
Germany resists calls to spend its way out of trouble - IHT

Housing market in 2009 could be mixed bag - Seattle Times
By Saying Yes, WaMu Built Empire on Shaky Loans - NY Times
Home prices expected to fall further in 2009 - LA Times
A Mortgage Paper Trail Often Leads to Nowhere - NY Times

Printing money – and its price - IHT
The yield curve (wonkish) - Krugman, NY Times
Bailout of Long-Term Capital: A Bad Precedent? - NY Times

Can dolphins survive winter in NJ rivers? - AP
Student loans turn into crushing burden for unwary borrowers - LA Times
As a tourist site, Federal Reserve is worth its weight in gold - LA Times

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