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What a difference $2.70 makes

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Well, it wasn't that difficult to add another column to the California SUV Fill Up Index to demonstrate why you see a few less frowns on peoples' faces when they are buying gasoline these days.

Since we normally pay cash, doing some quick math to calculate a dollar amount that will come close to a fill up without having to walk back inside to get change, it has been quite a different experience to most times only require a single $20 bill to do the job.

  • $20 / $1.70 per gallon = 11.8 gallons
This would be close enough with about a quarter tank left yet, given what's happened to energy prices over the last few years, it seems odd to have to pay so little.

Anyway, what you see below explains why you see more Hummers on the road and more SUV owners with a bounce in their step when they pull into the gas station.


Juliius said...

Yep, I actually own a Yukon XL 2500 (plus it's 4wd) ... with 5 kids, there are few vehicles which will tow/haul, work off-road, get through snow, etc. while comfortably carrying at least 7 people and their stuff. But yeah, the 39 gallon tank was (and is) killer. I also own an accord and a jetta sportswagen and it's pretty nice to (nearly) fill up with just $20 ... Thanks for adding the next column.

Chuck Ponzi said...

Yes, what a difference 8 months makes.

World oil demand to fall!???!

I am stunned, just stunned.

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