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What a real crisis looks like

Thursday, December 11, 2008

In case you haven't already seen this story, it is well worth a look. Below is one of the many photos that tell a compelling tale of how bad things are in Zimbabwe at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Hyper-inflation is happens, when governments combine corruption and incompetence.
Zimbabwe, Argentina, Mexico, Et Al.

My guess.. only the poor people use these notes. Real commerce is probably transacted in another currency.
Maybe even US dollars.

Anonymous said...

Corruption: Frank, Dodd, etc.
Incompetence: Bush

Looks like we have all the pieces of the puzzle

Anonymous said...

real commerce in zim ? only poor people use those notes ?

real commerce within zim is virtually nonexistent and the bulk of the popu is living in abject poverty.

having visited vic falls two weeks ago it is heartbreaking to see how bad it is. it is totally stagnant of life/basic infrastructure/a ghost of what it once was there when it should be a bastion of tourism dollars. so damn sad. mugabeast is truly cruel.

john said...

Any ideas who will be on our 100 billion note?

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