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The CF&P Foundation on the Obama stimulus

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation comments on the "so-called" economic stimulus plan of President Barack Obama.


Adam said...

"The video discusses the highlights of the stimulus plan – subsidies for state governments, mass transit pork, and tax-code-disguised welfare – and assesses their harmful impact on the economy."

This is their synopsis I got it from their website.

I know you read Kunstler and his column this week was about the lack of mass transit subsidies in the stimulus package.

Kunstler unlike these CATO ideologues at least know there is a problem with letting markets decide.

Anonymous said...

Disregarding its so-called "economic analysis," this video is so poorly produced that it doesn't even meet the standards of The Onion

Anonymous said...

Where has Dan been for the last 8 years when we ran up the last 7 Trillion in debt?

Anonymous said...

If a giant asteroid was hurtling toward Earth, these cretins would still be prescribing tax cuts and "letting the market decide" as a response.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid we're swinging
between two extremes. Not good. Striking parallels
between now and the

Anthony J. Alfidi said...

The stimulus is a form of patronage, designed to please constituents and reward supporters. As always.

Anonymous said...


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Yes, exactly we are moving between the swings and it is not good at all. The situation might go worse if not taken care well enough.

- J.

Tim Riffen said...

We are now holding eight months later. Did Obamas Stimulus plan work?


The results speak for themselves.

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