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A different approach and a special offer

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Well, you could probably see this coming from a mile (or an hour) away. This is just another reminder that the special subscription offer from Iacono Research runs through next Thursday, January 15th.

It is no coincidence that it follows the Money Magazine investment returns item from a short time ago - what you see below is what one could have achieved by dramatically changing course eight years ago when it was clear to some (CNBC and Money Magazine excluded) that the secular bull market in stocks (at least U.S. stocks) was over.
IMAGE Even after the precipitous declines in 2008, a "model portfolio-like" investment approach has produced hefty gains in this decade - for more details on the chart above, see the Approach page at the website (it was just updated yesterday, so there may still be some typos).

All you really had to do was trade in your stocks for gold back around 2000, 2001, or 2002 and you could have about tripled your money, but owning gold mining stocks and other natural resource investments boosted returns significantly up until a few months ago when all four wheels fell off of the global economy.

Once again, here's the offer that runs through January 15th.

There's a bit more about the investment service and this special offer from this post on Tuesday - the really important stuff is reproduced below.

Anyone signing up for a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL between now and January 15th will be eligible for the special rate for the duration of their free trial period (only one free trial per person, please).

Finally, the service comes with a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked, which, when combined with a free trial over a 30-day period means that you can have a risk-free look for up to 90 days.

For more, see the FAQ.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Tim. Maybe I'll join in a couple years when I have more money.


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