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Friday, January 16, 2009

Citi, BofA results hammered by financial crisis - MarketWatch
Bank of America slides to 4Q loss; gets more aid - AP
Creative TARP Counting and the BAC Bailout - WSJ Economics Blog
Congress OKs release of final $350B of bailout - AP
China’s Economy Faces 2009 ‘Hard Landing,’ Fitch Says - Bloomberg
Obama plans economic summit, heads to Ohio - Reuters
Schwarzenegger Says Deficit has ‘Incapacitated’ State - Bloomberg
Why Obama’s plan is still inadequate and incomplete - Financial Times
Rescue of Banks Hints at Nationalization - NY Times

Oil Set for Biggest Weekly Drop in Month as IEA Cuts Forecast - Bloomberg
Gold rises on weaker dollar, haven appeal - Reuters
Treasuries Tumble as Stocks Rise on Bailout of Bank of America - Bloomberg
Exclusive Interview with Jim Rogers: Inflation Is Coming - Seeking Alpha
U.S. pension chief sticks with investment plan - Reuters
Hedge-Fund Assets Fell Record 36% in 2008, Says - Bloomberg

U.S. Consumer Price Gains Slow to 0.1% Annual Pace - Bloomberg
House Democrats propose $825 billion stimulus bill - AP
As Demand Falls, So Do Wholesale Prices - NY Times
Stimulus plan would help autos, airlines, Amtrak - Reuters
Deflation may go past 2008, bond market shows - MarketWatch

Irish bank set to be nationalised - BBC
Spain: economy will shrink 1.6 pct in 2009 - AP
Mortgage lifeline plan unworkable, say lenders - TimesOnline
Will China lead the world into depression? - Telegraph
Monetary conditions might exacerbate the Chinese adjustment - China Financial Markets
Shirakawa Says Harder for Companies to Sell Debt - Bloomberg
When it comes to UK housing — “We’ve only just begun…” - FT Alphaville
Singapore Prescribes Shorter Showers, Less Meat to Fight Slump - Bloomberg
Venezuela seeks investments from Big Oil - AP

Mortgage Rates Fall to Record Lows - AP
Scramble for solutions as foreclosures rise at record speed - CSM
'Underwater' mortgage not an automatic reason to walk - MarketWatch
Job losses fuel foreclosures - Ventura County Star
2008 foreclosure tallies: One in 54 houses nationwide - LA Land

Treasuries Decline on U.S. Economic Plan, Gain in Asian Stocks - Bloomberg
Fed seeking ways to stop the downward spiral - Reuters
Yellen says more fiscal aid needed - MarketWatch
Volcker: Regulate to prevent future crisis - CNN/Money

Nintendo’s Punching Seniors Get Workout, Sell Out Wii - Bloomberg
50 million homes viewed on Zillow - ZillowBlog
Disconnected From Obama's America - Washington Post

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