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Friday, January 23, 2009

European markets fall as UK plunges into recession - AP
Citigroup, Bank of America ‘Nationalized’ as U.S. Calls Shots - Bloomberg
Roubini, Edwards Predict Slump in S&P 500 on China - Bloomberg
Geithner Says China Is Manipulating Its Currency - NY Times
Toyota may cut more than 1,000 jobs in NAmerica, Britain - AP
Oil sands layoffs coming down pipeline - Globe & Mail
Google sales jump 18% - CNN/Money
Thain Pushed Out at Bank of America After Merrill Loss Widens - Bloomberg

Gold Gains in London as ETF Investment Demand Reaches Record - Bloomberg
Oil falls to near $42 as US crude demand weakens - AP
Why Earnings Don't Matter in the Current Economy - Time
'A lot of OPEC countries are cheating' - Commodity Online
This week's Mutual Funds and ETF stories - MarketWatch
Stocks to fall in '09: lipstick indicator - Globe & Mail

Obama, lawmakers to meet on economic stimulus - AP
Roubini’s Gloom Gets Traction in Panicky Tokyo - Bloomberg
State Jobless Rate Soars; Benefits Extension Seen - NY Times
House angry at bailout; Obama team makes pledges - AP
A classic debate about economic stimulus - CSM

UK recession: It's now officially the worst since 1980 - Telegraph
Repossessions in the UK jump 92% - TimesOnline
UK may inject $13.8 billion into Northern Rock - Reuters
Australia May Cut Interest Rate Below 2%, Fraser Says - Bloomberg
In China, out-of-work migrants destabilizing - SF Gate
Iraq forced to cut spending as oil price falls -
Russia will allow 10% devaluation of ruble - MarketWatch
Mexico turns toward alternative energy amid falling oil production - Chicago Tribune

Lowest home sales of decade - Seattle PI
Bright Spot in the Housing Crash: Cheaper Rents - Time
Home prices see sharp dip - CNN/Money
Say goodbye to McMansions, Americans are buying 'right-sized' homes - MarketWatch
30-year fixed rates climb back above 5% - CNN/Money

Beware Simple 'Fixes' to a Complicated Financial Mess - Washington Post
Fed looks like one more shaky bank - MSN Money
Delays in Bank Aid Spur Frustration - Washington Post
Geithner Pledges Prolonged Effort to Stabilize Banks - Bloomberg
Funding the Bailouts by Printing Money and Issuing Debt - Saving To Invest
Schapiro approved as new SEC chairman - Reuters
Fed Balance-Sheet Assets Decline to $2.04 Trillion - Bloomberg

Japanese Housewives Desperate After Currency Scheme Collapses - Bloomberg
Obama gets clearance to keep using his 'BarackBerry' - USA Today

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