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He looked guilty to me...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It was a standing room only crowd (of jurors, that is) in a cramped courtroom for the trial of a young man who was arrested last fall for carrying a firearm of some sort in a place where he wasn't supposed to be carrying one.

Getting out and mixing with the general population for a short while was a nice change of pace, especially when all the prospective jurors whose names were called had to reveal all kinds of personal information about themselves before the judge, the lawyers, and all the other jurors.

They never called my name.

As for the young man, if I was sitting in a court room with a bunch of retired people who would ultimately decide my fate, I'd wear something other than jeans and an old hooded sweatshirt.

Anyway, my civic duty has been completed, I never could get a connection to the internet, and boy, it sure looks like markets aren't taking that retail sales data very well...

[No, that's not the courthouse I went to. That one's not far from here in Placer County - where I went this morning looked like it was made mostly out of cinder blocks.]


Ian Wachowiak said...

Lucky you. They called my name with the first group of jurors last week. I managed to stay on the jury throughout almost the entire questioning process. I didn't have a burning desire to serve, but I certainly wasn't going to give the judge an excuse to put the smackdown on another juror with what she perceived as a lame excuse. As far as revealing personal information, there is a subtle difference between telling all and omitting specific information. So I omitted plenty, of which the judge was probably aware of because her b.s. detector is honed to a very sharp edge, but what the heck she didn't call me on it. I waited until the defense attorneys got around to questioning me and then voiced my inability to remain impartial. Strange though. The defense was representing the County of Ventura against a lawsuit and the juror behind me freely admitted he had at least 4 prior and/or pending lawsuits against the county of Ventura, but that that didn't bias his judgement. He was still there when they booted me for cause. Good thing they did because the case involved a landslide with far too similarities with what happened to my house.

disinter said...

Guilty to you? It doesn't sound to me like there was a victim of any sort...

staghounds said...

Most defendants have been thoroughly trained and understand that court is a joke and their penalties, if any are applied, will be trivial.

Not worth dressing differently for, at any rate.

I think I realised this when separate DUI defendants came to court wearing advertisements for popular malt beverages.

And on the same day a third, charged with assaulting his paramour, selected an armless t shirt blazoned

"Smack My Bitch Up!"

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