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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First 100 days: Obama's burden - CNN/Money
Obama's Moment Arrives - Washington Post
Fiat to Take 35% Chrysler Stake, Form Global Alliance - Bloomberg
Russia Restores Gas to Ukraine - New York Times
A Sure Thing That Wasn't - Washington Post
Fiat and Chrysler sign alliance plan - AP
U.S. stimulus not enough, TARP bailout misused - Reuters
Mexico's Slim to invest $250 million in N.Y. Times - MarketWatch

Crude Oil Falls Below $33 a Barrel on Dollar, Contract Expiry - Bloomberg
Market Action Abruptly Signals Renewed Caution - Hussman Funds
Gold Rebounds in London on Speculation Recession Will Deepen - Bloomberg
Oil, gold accounts for 90% of flows into long ETCs - Commodity Online
Analysts Cut Estimates as S&P 500 Has 2nd-Worst Start - Bloomberg
Leveraged and inverse ETFs are short-term plays only - MarketWatch
'Black Swan Test:' big losers, right or left brains? - MarketWatch

The Economy: A Portrait Of The 2012 Inauguration - Time
Inaugural balls and parade are still exciting, but less lavish - USA Today
For the Jobless, Hope and Fear for a New Day - New York Times
For Military, Bad Economy Aids Recruiting - Time
Dumb and Dumber - Oxbury Publishing
A Resource Guide for the Unemployed - BusinessWeek

Bank of Canada Cuts Key Rate to Record 1%, Signals More Easing - Bloomberg
Pound hits 7-year low against the dollar - Guardian
The euro is torture instrument for Spain - Telegraph
China Faces Worst Unemployment in Decades as Slowdown Deepens - Bloomberg
UK inflation falls sharply on VAT cut and heavy High Street discounting - Telegraph
Lenders curb sales of payment protection insurance - TimesOnline
Japan Government Says Economy Is ‘Worsening Rapidly’ - Bloomberg
Putin Orders New Budget at $41 Oil - Moscow Times
German Banks Face Further Big Losses - Spiegel Online

Lower SoCal home prices lead to sales spike - San Diego UT
New-home sales in Southland fall 53% in December - LA Times
Weird Housing Tales, Part 15 - Boom2Bust
Banks Foreclose on Builders With Perfect Records - New York Times
Firm: SoCal home price drops nearly 35 percent - SF Gate

U.S. Yields Flattened; Fed Seeks Lower Mortgage Rates - Bloomberg
Why banks still teeter, after $232 billion in aid - CSM
Treasury Demands Banks With TARP Funds Report Lending Activity - Bloomberg
Federal Home Loan Banks may have to borrow from U.S. - LA Times

'The Breakthrough' by Gwen Ifill, 'What Obama Means' by Jabari Asim - LA Times
Cheney Injures Back While Moving - NY Times

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