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Monday, January 05, 2009

Regulators probed Madoff eight times over 16 years: report - Reuters
Dollar rallies against euro - AFP
Oil Curve Steeper Than '99 Shows Possible Gain in '09 - Bloomberg
Investors dump $89B in U.S. securities in historic fire sale - USA Today
Just how big is a $50 billion fraud? - MSN Money
US Stock Markets and 2009 - Kotok, The Big Picture
Iraq Production, Conservation Could Keep Oil Price in Check for Years - Seeking Alpha
Canadian oil-sand mines stuck as crude price plummets - TimesOnline

Oil falls as demand worries remain - CNN/Money
Gold Falls a Third Day in London as Dollar Strength Saps Demand - Bloomberg
Signs point to explosive rise in gold price - Mineweb
Abu Dhabi gold jewellery sales fall 40 pc in Dec - Economic Times
CGM’s Heebner, Fidelity’s Lange Falter as Markets Claim Victims - Bloomberg
10 resolutions for retirement - MSN Money
Portfolio Rebalancing - Don't Ignore Duration - Hussman

U.S. Construction Spending Falls Less Than Forecast - Bloomberg
Obama seeks $310 billion in tax cuts - Reuters
Can the US economy afford a Keynesian stimulus? - Financial Times
Fighting Off Depression - NY Times
Where is the economy headed in 2009? - SF Gate
Hoyer: Stimulus unlikely before inauguration - AP

Nikkei index hits two-month high - BBC
Toyota, Nissan Lead Drop as Japan Car Sales Fall to 28-Year Low - Bloomberg
Tough times in India - Globe & Mail
Fall in oil price may trigger UK deflation - The Independent
China's young generation gets thrifty in gloomy economy - Reuters
Global Corporate Profits to Drop in ’09; More Bankruptcies Loom - Bloomberg
Low price of oil will fuel UK economy - Telegraph

The Bust is a Boon - CNN/Money
Foreclosure Crisis Hits Hispanics Hard - Wall Street Journal
Homeownership goals created house of cards - San Diego Union Tribune
Economic downturn could change tastes in housing - LA Times
Housing story is no longer a myth - Lansner, O.C. Register
Campbell County housing market a little more buyer-friendly - Gillette News

Deflation is new Public Enemy No.1 - MarketWatch
Fed, ECB prepare to tackle deflation head-on - Reuters
As Vacant Office Space Grows, So Does Lenders’ Crisis - NY Times
S.F. Fed: Serious risk of stagnation - CNN/Money
Fed's Evans backs stimulus moves: report - MarketWatch

Madoff victims selling memorabilia on eBay - SF Gate
Franken to be declared Senate victor in Minnesota - Reuters
Top 10 Macworld rumors for 2009 - Fortune

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