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Monday, January 12, 2009

Further bank aid must include pay limits - Reuters
U.S. regulators press Citigroup to replace chairman - IHT
Quick tapping of unspent $350 billion in works - AP
Gas deal in Europe is undone and redone - IHT
London suffers from biggest house price falls - TimesOnline
China to accelerate spending, name new projects - MarketWatch
Credit crunch boosts gold trading - BBC
GM says could seek further U.S. loans - Reuters

Oil back below $40 - CNN/Money
Gold Drops in London Trading as Stronger Dollar Erodes Demand - Bloomberg
Euro slips as traders weigh ECB meeting - MarketWatch
'Uranium prices will go to $80-90 a pound in 2009' - Commodity Online
The Long-Term Gets Shorter - Hussman Funds
Massive forces cloud market outlook - MSN Money
Why So Little Self-Recrimination Among Economists? - Naked Captialism
Meltdown calls 401(k)s into question - MSN Money

Job losses prompt action - Reuters
Government Finds Itself in Hole, Keeps Digging - Bloomberg
Fixing US economy's health is a boon for DC region - AP
Men losing jobs at higher rate than women in recession - USA Today
Economy Made Few Gains in Bush Years - Washington Post

Strauss-Kahn Says IMF May Need Another $150 Billion for Crisis - Bloomberg
This really doesn’t look good - Setser, CFR
China's premier Wen says stimulus showing results - AP
Banks cut Saving rates to 0% for first time - TimesOnline
Ruble Falls to 6-Year Low as Russia Devalues 2nd Time in 2 Days - Bloomberg
Chinese automakers face headwinds to US sales - AP
The rise and fall of Satyam founder - IHT
China to Tolerate More Bad Loans, Relax Credit Rules - Bloomberg

Economic downturn pounds commercial real estate market - USA Today
Housing Crisis Upside: Bargains for Everyone - ABC News
Realtors' Former Top Economist Says Don't Blame the Messenger - WSJ
U.S. Housing Market Still Offers Hidden Value - Bloomberg
O.C. has 2-year supply of million-dollar homes for sale - O.C. Register

How to Understand a Trillion-Dollar Deficit - Time
Sen. Levin seeks details on Citigroup pact with Treasury - Reuters
How This Happened - Lew Rockwell
The bond bubble has long since burst: investors, ignore this at you peril - Telegraph

Somali pirate's body washes ashore with $153,000 - AP
IRS May Push for Tax Compliance in Virtual Worlds - Washington Post

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