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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bank bailout plan announced by Alistair Darling - Telegraph
Brown Tightens Grip on Banks as Recession Worsens - Bloomberg
U.S. credit markets tight as corporate bills come due - IHT
Arab leaders meet in Kuwait on Gaza and economy - AP
EU: recession will be deep and long-lasting - AP
Real recovery won't be anytime soon - MSN Money
Refinancing eludes many as rates fall - SF Gate
Buffett says that US is in 'economic Pearl Harbor' - Star Tribune

Oil heads toward $35 a barrel - CNN/Money
Gold hits 1-week high, seen trading sideways - Reuters
Despite crisis, Jim Rogers is still a China bull - Reuters
Why allocate more for Gold in 2009? - Commodity Online
Nasdaq extends delisting reprieve - SF Gate
Stocks' bottom in sight. Again. - MarketWatch

Book says inflation rates of 1970s could return - USA Today
U.S. economy may sputter for years - LA Times
Obama needs to act fast but problems won't be solved overnight - Guardian
California labors to meet jobless demand - LA Times
For Obama, Rare Chance for Bold Start on Big Task - NY Times

Britain announces 2nd banking rescue plan - AP
Credit eases slightly on U.K. rescue - CNN/Money
Spain's credit rating cut by S&P - MarketWatch
Monetary union has left half of Europe trapped in depression - Telegraph
Gulf states delay projects to lower costs - Business24-7
Don't Worry a fall in China’s demand for Treasuries - Setser, CFR
Report: Iran cuts oil supplies to customers - AP

Beckett condemned for claiming 'upturn' in housing market - Telegraph
Falling prices keep housing affordable - Baltimore Sun
Financial burden of homeownership spread unequally - AP
FDIC Paves the Way to Covered Bonds - HousingWire
The Mortgage Industry, Housing Market and Inflation - Seeking Alpha

Biblical debt jubilee may be the only answer - Telegraph
The Fed is Monetizing Debt and Inflating the Money Supply - Jesse's Cafe
TARP: The Sequel - BusinessWeek
Warsh Stays at Fed Board as Geithner Successor Sought - Bloomberg

No sign of Florida financier or his clients' millions - Reuters
All That Experience and No Place to Go - Washington Post
Apple's Jobs may seek new liver, report says - SF Gate

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