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Thursday, January 29, 2009

New bank bailout could cost up to $2 trillion - Reuters
Americans receiving jobless benefits hit record - AP
Vladimir Putin calls for end of dollar stranglehold - Telegraph
Ford reports $5.9 billion loss - CNN/Money
Billions more needed for financial rescue - AP
Ford loses $5.9B in 4Q, says still won't seek aid - AP
Boeing to Chop 10,000 Jobs - BusinessWeek
Kodak to cut up to 3,000 more jobs - CNN/Money
House passes economic stimulus bill - USA Today
Stimulus would bring welcome relief to California - LA Times

Gold Falls for 3rd Day in London on Dollar - Bloomberg
Crude Oil Falls After Stockpiles Gain, Refiners Cut Output - Bloomberg
India's Gold imports plunge by 90% in January - Commodity Online
401(k)s still lure cash despite big losses - LA Times
OPEC will weigh further production cuts - MarketWatch
Investment Outlook: BEEP BEEP! - Gross, Pimco
Gold attracts more flows amid recession - Reuters

New-Home Sales Fall to Lowest Level on Record - Bloomberg
Record number on the unemployment lines - MarketWatch
Durable goods orders fall 5 straight months - Reuters
Obama’s Recession Fix Fits Sinai’s Model - Bloomberg
First-quarter layoffs - MSN Money
The Misery Index - MSN MOney

New Zealand slashes key rate by 11/2 points - MarketWatch
Mexico's Pemex expects wider loss in 2008 - Reuters
Britain faces worst year since 1930s, warns IMF - Guardian
China Tells Obama What to Do With His Yuan Views - Bloomberg
Ruble Tumbles as Speculators See Target Breaking - Bloomberg
Euro zone sentiment hits record low - CNN/Money
UK house prices fall further in January - Telegrapgh
Japan's part-timers in full-time trouble - LA Times
US-China currency war threatens the world - Telegraph

Homebuyers get a bonus in the stimulus bill - CNN/Money
S.D. is 6th weakest housing market - San Diego UT
Invest In The Housing Recovery - Forbes
Banks and Investors Face 'Jumbo' Threat - WSJ
Fort Collins housing market weathers drop - Coloradoan

Fed eyes moves against deflation - Christian Science Monitor
Fed Does Not Lower Rates, Opts for Really Long Statement - WSJ MarketBeat
U.S. Pumps $1 Billion Into Credit Unions to Shore Up Confidence - Bloomberg
Fed Keeps Rate Near Zero, Is Ready to Buy Treasuries - Bloomberg

What Red Ink? Wall Street Paid Hefty Bonuses - NY Times
Man smears feces on his lawyer, flings it at jury - AP

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