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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House to vote on Obama's economic stimulus plan - AP
Fed to hold rates near zero, kickstart economy - Reuters
Americans Lost Over a Quarter of 401(k) Savings in 2008 - Washington Post
Fed in uncharted waters, eyes new tools - AP
Target eliminates positions amid weak sales - Reuters
Citigroup will not take possession of new aircraft - AP
Moody's says could cut GE's triple-A credit rating - Reuters

Crude Oil Little Changed Before Supply Report as Equities Gains - Bloomberg
Gold eases 1 pct as equities, euro rise - Reuters
OPEC Calls for Curbing Speculators, Blames Hedge Funds for Rout - Bloomberg
CEO confidence plunges around the globe - Reuters

In Dire Milestone, Jobless Rates Rise Across the Land - Washington Post
House Set to Vote on Obama’s $816 Billion Fiscal Stimulus Plan - Bloomberg
Obama open to compromise on $825B stimulus bill - AP
Consumer mood at record lows, house prices sag - Reuters

Australian Consumer Prices Decline as Recession Looms - Bloomberg
Britain unveils 2.3-billion-pound plan for ailing automakers - AP
Olympic Bailout Puts Vancouver Taxpayers on Alert for ‘Big Owe’ - Bloomberg
Yearly Mexican remittances drop for first time - AP
Ukraine Stares Into an Economic-Political ‘Abyss’ - Bloomberg

California home foreclosures top 236,000 in 2008 - LA Times
It's all a matter of ZIP code -
South Florida Housing Market The Worst In Decades - CBS4
Fed to modify troubled mortgages - CNN/Money
What More Can The Federal Reserve Do To Rescue The Economy? - PBS NBR

Fed Shift Leaves Experts Blind, Complicates Central Bank’s Job - Bloomberg
FDIC May Run ‘Bad Bank’ in Obama Plan to Remove Toxic Assets - Bloomberg
Dudley Brings Crisis Experience to New York Fed Job - Bloomberg
Fed Adopts Policy to Modify Mortgages, Stem Home Foreclosures - Bloomberg

Madoff Enablers Winked at Suspected Front-Running - Bloomberg
Troubled Times Bring Mini-Madoffs to Light - NY Times

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