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The changing U.S. dollar-gold relationship

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who knows where things will go from here - today has certainly been an interesting day thus far for both the trade-weighted U.S. dollar and gold - but the relationship between the two certainly seems to have changed quite dramatically over just the last month.
IMAGE What used to be an inverse relationship that saw the two going in different directions more than 70 percent of the time has turned into a very positive correlation over just the last month or so, the two moving together for 15 consecutive days as of last Thursday.


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"Kingfish" Slaney Black said...

They're both panic trades. People don't know WTF is going and gold both seem like safe bets. Time to start underweighting GLD.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point, but what about explaining or at least, offering interpretations.

Anonymous said...

And put this into a longer than a two year perspective and what were the outcomes/connections to the economy, gold and dollar.

Tim said...

See here and here for previous commentary on this subject.

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