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Damn, the power's back on

Friday, February 13, 2009

A big snowstorm came through here earlier today with an even bigger one due over the weekend. Power has been out for hours - sadly it just came back on.
IMAGE Though there was growing concern for all the food in our freezer, we were enjoying the feeling of being completely disconnected, hoping it would last a while longer.


Dan said...

should've made it in B & W. ; )

Anonymous said...

We drove down from Donner yesterday to beat the incoming storm. Sure glad we did after reading the CHP web page about accidents and conditions on Hwy 80.
There is a silver lining however, the skiing will be fantastic once skys clear.
I have been listing to the rain beat down here in Blowmont and glad we don't have to be out and about tonight.
Stay dry and warm.

Anonymous said...

All you'd have to do is dump your freezer into a snowbank. Works like a charm.

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