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Maybe economic psychics have the answer

Friday, February 06, 2009

Don't know quite what to make of this - could psychics do any worse?


John M said...

Hi Tim,

I'm actually working on some occult angles in connection with the present crisis. From what I've dug up about imagination, or what Jung calls "Intuition," it seems to include cognitive functions not unlike what folks in, e.g., the military call Modeling and Simulation (M&S).

Simulation runs, in particular, require great amounts of clean random inputs. I would assert then that random, or at least arbitrary, inputs like Tarot, tea leaves, star charts, chicken entrails, etc. might well serve a similar function with respect to "N" (to use the MBTI term). People then would reasonably seek out various occultists simply because these practitioners provide a mental food they need.

Next Wednesday I'm having lunch with a local astrologer, and I'm presently auditing a course on Hermeticism (focusing this week on some numerology Cornelius Agrippa got up to with the Hebrew alphabet). The Enlightenment eventually pushed Robert Fludd and the gang underground (along with Emotional Intelligence -- EQ -- but that's another and orthogonal story), but perhaps it would be helpful to revisit some of that now.

little larry sellers said...

Reminds me of Nancy Reagan's fixation with astrology back in the '80s and its alleged influence over the Reagan White House.

Let's just hope astrology didn't shape Reagan's decision to nominate Greenspan for Fed chairman!

Dan said...

I keep a chicken foot on my desk at all times. When my computer goes on the fritz, I stand up, spin around three times and then shake the chicken foot at it. No need to reboot! I don't know what Microsoft built into Windows Vista, but the chicken foot routine works perfectly! Nah, I'm kidding. I use a Mac. Chicken feet don't work on Macs. I have to use a monkey's paw.

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